South Adventure by 4×4


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South adventure by 4×4 is available from Thursday to Sunday, 4 days/week.

South adventure by 4×4, daytrip with breakfast and lunch in bivouac at 7.00am and midday. The walk lasts 9 hours, including 2 hours for swimming in the river or the sea.

Departure at 7:00 a.m. from your hotel or home address and head to Mont Dore in the south of Grande Terre to have breakfast at an altitude of 700 meters with a breathtaking 360-degree view.

1- the river crossing magnificent landscapes (waterfalls, rivers…)

2-the sea behind the bay of Prony, ” la pointe à l’abattoir” via the red dirt roads. NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY

3- the Loop “Boucle” via the waterfall of the Oasis, the Madeleine Falls with a bivouac lunch stop at La Necha, the viewpoint of Lake Yaté and the Yaté dam.

Return to Nouméa around 4:30 p.m. with landscapes to feast your eyes on.

Lunch menu:

  • soyo chicken
  • Garlic Shrimp
  • Mixed salad

minimum 2 people for a departure, 4 people/car, 8 people maximum in 2 cars.

Departure 7am & return around 4pm

3 differents trip

Montain/river, montain/sea or the Boucle.

Additional information

Type de combo

La Boucle, Montain / River


2 passengers, 3 passengers, 4 passengers, 5 passengers, 6 passengers, 7 passengers, 8 passengers

Menu Poulet Soyo

1 menu soyo chicken, 2 menus soyo chicken, 3 menus soyo chicken, 4 menus soyo chicken, 5 menus soyo chicken, 6 menus soyo chicken, 7 menus soyo chicken, 8 menus soyo chicken

Menu Crevettes à l'ail

1 menu garlic shrimps, 2 menus garlic shrimps, 3 menus garlic shrimps, 4 menus garlic shrimps, 5 menus garlic shrimps, 6 menus garlic shrimps, 7 menus garlic shrimps, 8 menus garlic shrimps

Menu Salade composée

1 menu mixed salad, 2 menus mixed salad, 3 menus mixed salad, 4 menus mixed salad, 5 menus mixed salad, 6 menus mixed salad, 7 menus mixed salad, 8 menus mixed salad