The Blue river park


The Blue river park will make you discover an amazing nature with animals like cagou and botanic plants like “the big kaori”

Let’s enjoy your day with our guide, you’ll be totally satisfy, he is even cooking for you on fully nature 😉

100% green day and resourcing

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Closed on Monday without school holidays.

Explore Blue River Provincial Park in Greater Noumea

Discover the Beauty

Welcome to Blue River Park, a renowned tourist destination and recreational haven for Greater Noumea residents. Established in 1980, this expansive 22,000-hectare park invites you to escape the daily hustle and immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of native plants and bird species that thrive amidst the ochre earth of the south.

A Blend of History and Nature

As you explore the park, you’ll encounter visible remnants of the forestry and mining operations from the last century. However, what truly astonishes is how swiftly nature has reclaimed its territory.

A Unique Natural Heritage

Blue River Park offers a glimpse into New Caledonia’s rich natural history found nowhere else in the world. The landscape transitions from maquis minier shrubland to lush forests and serene wetlands. This trifecta of ecosystems hosts a diverse array of flora and exceptional native wildlife.

The park is home to most of New Caledonia’s land birds, including the iconic cagou, New Caledonia’s feathered emblem. Here, these gentle creatures roam freely and are protected by a provincial program.

Activities and Tours

It can be as diverse as the park’s landscape itself. Enjoy a range of activities and themed tours, both on weekends and during quieter weekdays. Immerse yourself in the fresh air and experience a profound connection with Mother Nature.

Guided Tours with a Personal Touch

Our knowledgeable guides will accompany you on your journey and even prepare delicious meals in a natural setting, ensuring an unforgettable and 100% green experience.

Experience a day of respite and renewal at the Blue River Provincial Park!

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