The Great South


Let’s stop at the Mont Dore Fountain first, then cross the mountain range to the east coast, the beautiful lake with the old and died trees and Yate village. We then cross the coast to the south with a stop in the village of Touaourou and its beautiful colonial church. For lunch time we can stop at the “Gîte Iya” with an amazing beach, or another place near the village of Goro with an incredible waterfall.
On the way back we will make a stop at the falls of the Madeleine for a photo and maybe a swim before returning to Noumea.

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The Great South

“Embark on our journey starting at Mont Dore Fountain, then traversing the mountain range towards the mesmerizing east coast. Witness the beauty of the serene lake adorned with ancient trees and visit the quaint Yate village. Continuing our exploration, we’ll head south, pausing at the charming village of Touaourou featuring its captivating colonial church.

For lunch, indulge at the scenic ‘Gîte Iya’ situated on a stunning beach, or opt for a nearby spot close to Goro village boasting an incredible waterfall.

As we return from The Great South, we’ll pause for a photo opportunity at Madeleine Falls, where you might even take a refreshing swim before our journey back to Noumea.

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