The Unmissable Tour


During 3h, you’re going to discover some areas inside and outside Noumea. In addition, local market, Ouen toro(canon guns look out), Miracle church (the oldest one in New Caledonia), the telephone tower(360° look out). To finish, we will go to Kuendu beach (resort, restaurant, waterside…).

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The Unmissable Tour

The Unmissable Tour promises a captivating 3-hour odyssey, unveiling the vibrant tapestry of Noumea and its surrounding gems. This immersive journey begins with a rendezvous at the local market, a vibrant hub pulsating with cultural treasures and local delights.

Traverse the scenic beauty of Anse Vata Bay and Lemon Bay, indulging in their picturesque vistas that encapsulate Noumea’s coastal charm. Pause at Ouen Toro, where historical cannon guns stand sentinel, offering panoramic views that steal your breath away.

En route, witness the cultural narrative unfold at the Tchibaou Cultural Center, a continuous celebration of heritage. Weather permitting, delve into history at the Miracle Church, an architectural gem revered as the oldest in New Caledonia.

The tour crescendos at Kuendu Beach, a local haven exuding serenity and allure. Revel in its splendor as you soak in the ambiance of the resort, relish delectable cuisine at the restaurant, and bask in the scenic waterside, cherished by the community for its captivating beauty.

This curated experience encapsulates the essence of Noumea, weaving together its cultural heritage, natural beauty, and community treasures into an unforgettable tapestry of discovery.

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