Because we believe small attentions make big differences, we take care of you as soon as you arrive at Tontouta airport. A smiling private driver welcomes you with a sign indicating your name and the traditional flower or shell necklace, a must-have welcome gift on the territory.

Once you have settled in your comfortable private car or your shuttle specially reserved for your airport transfer to your hotel, you can enjoy cold drinks, a WIFI connection, television and air conditioning.

Relax, enjoy your journey from airport to hotel or home, we take care of everything!

The team PCT&T.

Tontonta International Airport

Tontonta International Airport
Tontonta International Airport is 50km from Noumea. You will find Exchange office is available inside, and ATM outside.

Magenta Airport

Magenta Airport
Magenta Airport is located in Noumea. Therefore you just need +- 15 minutes to join it from anywhere you are in town. Magenta Airport is the point of departure to travel to main local destinations such as : Isle of Pines, Lifou, Maré, Ouvéa.

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Guided Tours in Noumea and country sides(North and South)

During 3h, you’re going to discover some areas inside and outside Noumea. In addition, local market, Ouen toro(canon guns look out), Miracle church (the oldest one in New Caledonia), the telephone tower(360° look out). To sum up, we will go to Kuendu beach (resort, restaurant, waterside…).

Prices from 200€

Firstly we’ll start this 7 hours tour with the local market and after 30 during around 30 min. In a second time we will have a tasting of some chocolates and patisseries in the best places in Noumea. Then we’ll go to the Tjibaou cultural center for a self guided visit. After that, we’ll follow with another walk inside the forest park to meet the can you birds. For lunch time, you will have a taste of the typical French products such as cheese, charcuteries, wine and patisseries… We’ll finish with a 360° view on the top of the highest hill of Noumea and a beautiful lookout on the lagoon from the Ouen Toro’s hill and its WW2 canon guns.

Prices from 260€

On the way we’ll cross the villages of Boulouparis, La Foa and its famous old fashion bridge. A first stop with a breathtaking view of the turtle bay. For a break, we’ll have lunch by the gorgeous Poe Beach or Sheraton Resort where you can have a swim. For those who would like to experiment a sensational 30 min flight above the amazing blue lagoon, it’s an option that needs to be booked at least 24h in advance.

Prices from 280 €

Let’s first stop at Mont Dore Springs and then drive across the mountain chain to the East coast and Yate village. We then drive across along the coast to the south with a stop in Touaourou village and its pretty colonial church, another stop closed to goro village to an amazing waterfall.
To conclude we’ll drive to the Madeleine waterfall for a picture and maybe a swim before to return to Noumea.

Prices from 280€